Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The OneCORE?

The OneCORE is a global organization that supports people in making better life decisions. It responds to the need of individuals to obtain attitudes and skills such as self-awareness, self-development and self-commitment which are the building blocks to achieving the confidence and capacity to decide for themselves and create an effective action plan for success. 

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2. How do you support individuals in making better life decisions?

At The OneCORE, we believe that individuals are capable of making the right decision for themselves. Thus, our approach primarily guides members through their personal process of looking back at their struggles and life experiences. 

 Each of these life experiences allow individuals to rediscover and redefine the self. This CORE of oneself is then considered the source of confidence and capacity to decide for themselves and create an effective action plan for success. 

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3. What are the guiding principles of your organization?

As an organization, the OneCORE prides itself in upholding the key principles that help individuals start and maintain their capacity to make better life decisions 

People can make the right decisions for themselves.

People have inherent wisdom.

Every individual grows through their personal process.

It is important to achieve balance in the 5 aspects of life.

People should have the courage to pursue their dreams. 

It is important that we surround ourselves with positive people.

Self-mastery, self-development, and self-commitment are essential to achieve a purposeful life.

Genuine humility creates personal success.


4. What are the 5 Aspects of Life?

The 5 aspects are divided into two sub-categories: the 2 Aspects of Identity and the 3 Aspects of Interpersonal Relationships. 

The 2 Aspects of Identity

  1. Self – covers your basic relationship and disposition toward yourself, which includes your attitude towards self-development. 
  2. Sense of Purpose – covers the relationship that you have with a Higher Being – your God – and your attitude towards putting to action in your life the values and principles that you know ground you in your core.

 The 3 Aspects of Interpersonal Relationships

    1. Social Life – covers all relationships with peers including one’s love life.
    2. Academics/Work – covers all relationships that deal with your developing specific competencies and skills that allow you to progress within a specific industry.
    3. Family – covers all relationships one has with family (blood-related) and other relationships that are as influential as one’s own family.

5. How is The OneCORE different from other groups?

The OneCORE’s mission is to provide people with skills – through learning sessions, activities, exercises, simulations and assessments– which will allow them to make the best decisions for themselves. It is neither an advice-giving body that churns out solutions for every person’s problems nor a counseling center that helps people overcome psychological concerns. Our coaches are equipped to guide you in achieving your goals and getting you from point A – where you are now – to point B – where you want to be. They have a background in psychology but should you need extensive support, The OneCORE is equipped with a network of experts in psychology, psychiatry, counseling, etc.

6. Who are the people behind The OneCORE?

Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo

Coach Pia has been a Performance Management Coach for the past 17 years and a Relationship Expert for the past 12 years. She graduated with a degree in AB Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University and pursued further studies in Coaching and Mentoring abroad and graduate studies on Family Ministries from the same university. She has been invited to give numerous seminars and workshops in Southeast Asia and throughout the Philippines with topics ranging from Sales Marketing to Life Management, Finding True Success in One’s Life and the ABC’s of Parenting. Committed to reaching out to more individuals, Coach Pia has already ventured into using different forms of media such as the radio, with shows on Teleradyo DZMM and U92 with the Dollhouse, and print, through her published book, Born to be a Hero.

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Pia Arroyo-Magalona

Pia Arroyo-Magalona is an entrepreneur, artist manager and advocate for change. As a devoted mother to 8 children and grandmother of 3, she finds time for causes which deal with empowerment and prevention. In March 2009, she lost her husband to a 7-month struggle with leukemia, and has since become an avid promoter of protecting oneself against cervical cancer, endorsing the Cervarix brand from GSK. She is also an adamant believer in securing one’s future by investing in life insurance, such as offered by SunLife Financial. In June 2009, she met and was invited by Coach Pia to help found The OneCORE.

7. Is The OneCORE for me? 

Do you want to be surrounded by people who

  • Had a dream and the courage to pursue it

  • Were confused and lacked direction and are now focused and determined

  • Felt discouraged and uninspired but are driven to achieve success in life

  • Are satisfied and content with how they spend their time and energy

Then, The OneCORE is for you!

We provide an environment for individuals to:

  • Identify the specific goals that they want to accomplish;

  • Validate if they are making the right decisions;

  • Surround themselves with positive people; or,

  • Achieve balance in the five aspects of their life – Self, Academics/Work, Family, Social Life and Sense of Purpose.

8. How can I be part of The OneCORE?

There are several ways by which you can start your journey with The OneCORE. 

  • First, you can join us in our monthly FREE learning sessions. These free sessions will allow you to experience what it is like to be a part of The OneCORE. You will get to hear more about what The OneCORE is and what we do.

  • Another way to join is to schedule a free assessment with our coaches. This one-on-one session is meant especially for individuals who have personal concerns and issues they want addressed. Others who wish to know more about The OneCORE and what it has to offer are also welcome. You can contact us at 436-4143 or 0922-894-4143 to schedule your appointment.

  • Joining can also be as easy as visiting our website or coming by our office, located at #42 MQI Centre, E. Abada cor. R. Alvero Sts., Loyola Heights, Q.C. You just have to fill up The OneCORE Member Information Form and membership will be granted to you automatically for FREE without any hidden fees or charges!

Access The OneCORE Member Information Form here: 

Membership > Join us now!

9. What will I get from becoming a regular member of The OneCORE?

As an official member of The OneCORE, you may avail of The OneCORE’s programs, coaching and mentoring services. As a regular member you will be enjoying the following benefits:

1.FREE Learning Session once a month- Every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Philippines.

2. Bring- a-friend coupon- Join our paid workshops and get 10% discount on the next workshop you will be attending. Bring a friend with you and he/she also gets a 5% discount on workshop fees

3. FREE newsletter monthly STRAIGHT TO YOUR EMAIL-filled with helpful articles, videos and quotes to continually support you in making better life decisions.

10. What is the Premium Members' Club? How do I become a Premium Member?

For those who wish to strengthen their commitment to personal development, The OneCORE also has a Premium Members’ Club with greater and more exclusive benefits. To become a Premium Member you do either of the following:

  • Sign up for One-on-One Coaching or Discover Your CORE
  • Pay the Membership Free of PhP 3,500.00

11. What are the benefits of a Premium Member?

Premium Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Weekly FREE online content delivered to your mail
  • 10% Automatic Discount to all OneCORE Programs (except one-on-one coaching)
  • Special discounts to the LIFE ASsessment
  • Exclusive events nad programs

12. What programs and services can I avail of?

a. Learning Session

b. Discover Your CORE Weekend


d. Prism

e. Legacy

f. One-on-One Coaching

g. Mentorship Program

h. Basic Coaching Program

i. Corporate Talk Topics


13. What is one-on-one coaching?

One-on-one coaching is a personalized service that allows individuals to acquire and practice skills under the direct supervision of a performance management expert or a coach. It complements group sessions as it allows more attention to be given to an individual’s personal needs and concerns.  Individuals receive more specific feedback from the coaches and are provided with skills that are more suitable to their personal situations. Sessions are highly flexible and are conducted according to each individual’s requirements. Participants of these sessions are allowed to grow through their own process at their own pace. 

14. What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a means for individuals to develop their knowledge in their particular fields under the guidance of experts. This service focuses more on the technical aspect of self-development with its objective of helping individuals become the future experts in their present or desired involvements. Aside from being inspirational role models for aspiring beginners, mentors also know the more specific and practical details that will help a person in their field to emerge successful in their pursuits.

15. I read through the available programs and services, but I cannot find one that suits me.

The OneCORE’s programs and services are customizable to an individual’s needs. All you have to do is contact us at 436-4143 to set an appointment with our coaches so they can personally assess your specific requirements.

16. How can I be a more active member of The OneCORE? 

Members of The OneCORE are invited to support the organization’s regular community involvements. Volunteers are welcome to join the Born to be a Hero Program for the Mano Amiga Academy kids. Sponsorships and donations are also appreciated for the Born to be a Hero Programs for both the Mano Amiga Academy and Values Education and Character Development Program for Public High School students in Partnership with the Department of Education-NCR.

Know more about our involvements:

About > Community Involvements

Mano Amiga Pilipinas:

17. Is The OneCORE open for partnerships with other organizations? 

Yes, The OneCORE is open for partnerships with other companies and organizations. Corporate clients are also welcome to avail of our programs and services. Our present partners in carrying out their services and programs include The Love Institute, the Creative Human Resources Group, and the Francis Magalona Foundation.  

Know more about our partners:

Francis Magalona Foundation:

The Love Institute:

Creative Human Resources Group:

18. I want to be involved with The OneCORE! How do I reach you? 

You can reach us through the following:

Landline Number: 436-4143

Mobile Number: 0915 3300 466

E-mail Address:

Office Address: Rm. 302, #42 MQI Center, E. Abada cor. R. Alvero Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Facebook Page:

Twitter Account: