Finding Your Inner Greatness through Making Better Life Decisions

Last September 11, The OneCORE held another session of Surround. The OneCORE welcomed its new members into the organization and they all got to experience the positive environment that The OneCORE has to offer. 

After a short getting-to-know-you activity, members were oriented about The OneCORE as an organization. Participants assessed themselves by looking at how they are doing in terms of the 5 aspects of their life.

Coach Pia then shared about how an individual can find one's inner greatness. She emphasized how it is important for individuals to commit to their personal development and strengthen their personal foundations in order to be able to make better life decisions. She invited participants to look into their personal issues and answered questions about their concerns.

"It’s good to be surrounded with [those] who have the same desire to become better people and make right decisions in life. I learned a lot from Coach Pia...I loved the discussion about Self-Acceptance. She is right that often, we waste time feeling bad and wishing we are what we weren’t. It’s good to have a new perspective towards myself and others because of this. I always thought that I should be accountable towards other people's thoughts and feelings about me, to the point that even if it would cause me pain and trouble, I would still carry [and be affected by] it. I realized it was actually more of an issue of my insecurities about my opinion and their opinion about me. When Coach Pia told us that "Self-Acceptance means being able to do and say your opinion and belief without minding what others may say, even if that could hurt them (when you don’t intentionally want to hurt them), then it’s actually alright!" I made a commitment to work that one out with myself. I also learned about how we project to our environment our very self.  Now, it’s time for me to have introspection about those wrong attitudes I have with my circumstances. Even if there are numerous problems that I could identify, I might as well choose which battle I should fight and not be bothered by [other] people’s endless comments on my progress but focus on my becoming. "Self-Acceptance. Self-Acceptance." I guess I’ll be reciting that word over and over in my head." (Quoted from Teacher Len Magarao of Pateros National High School)