The Coaches

Coach Pia Nazareno Acevedo - CEO 

Pia Nazareno-Acevedo is a Certified Life Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation with expertise in Family Relationships and Personal Life Transitions. She received her degree in AB Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University and proceeded to do further studies on Family Ministries from the same university and courses on Coaching and Mentoring abroad.

She is the leading Life Coach favored by the country’s chief executives, media personalities and key social influencers and is consistently invited to give seminars and workshops in South East Asia and throughout the Philippines on performance management, sales and marketing, personal development, marriage and parenting 

Committed to reaching out to more individuals, Coach Pia also continues to share basic knowledge in making Better Life Decisions on the radio and television through GMA 7, ABS CBN, Teleradyo DZMM, Relasyon on TV5 and Metro Radio Plus Hong Kong.

In 2009, she together with Pia Magalona established The OneCORE, the first and only organization in the Philippines helping individuals make Better Life Decisions. With over 500,000 members in the country and in key cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris London and Canada, The OneCORE is at the forefront in providing workshops, consultancy services and one-on-one coaching programs that cover the 5 Aspects of one’s life (Self, Career/Academics, Family, Social Life and Sense of Purpose) 

In 2010 she launched her book entitled Born To Be A Hero™. Currently a bestseller, this book was inspired by her own pivotal life transition came after a near-death experience where she realized that life is too short to go thorough hits and misses thus everyone should be equipped with skills in making better life decisions.

Just recently, Coach Pia has been assessed by the Institute of Multiple Intelligence as one of the 6% elite individuals with exceptional innate intelligence globally. She has also signed a contract with ABS-CBN as the resident Life Coach for a reality show to be launched on the 3rd Quarter of 2014.  

This year, Coach Pia is set to revolutionize life coaching as she launches fully digital educational resources and consulting platforms to better service clients here and abroad. 

Member and certified by the International Coaching Federation Hong Kong Chapter



Pia Arroyo-Magalona - President

Pia Arroyo-Magalona is an entrepreneur, an artist manager and advocate for change. She is a mother to 8 children and a grandmother of 3. Aside from being a devoted parent she also finds time for other causes, which deal with empowerment and prevention.  

In March 2009, she lost her husband to a 7-month struggle with leukemia, and has since become an avid promoter of being protected against cervical cancer and endorses the Cervarix brand from GSK. 

She is also an adamant believer in securing one’s future by investing in life insurance, specifically with SunLife Financial. 

In June 2009, she met and was invited by Coach Pia Acevedo to help found The OneCORE, the only success center in the country today. The OneCORE aims to educate 18-30 year olds about real life lessons – ones that are not taught in school – and the right values needed to live a good life.