Why join us?

 Do you want to be surrounded by people who...

  • Had a dream and the courage to pursue it
  • Were confused and lacked direction, are now focused and determined

  • Felt discouraged and uninspired but are driven to achieve success in life

  • Are satisfied and content with how they spend their time and energy

Then The OneCORE is for you!

We provide an environment for individuals to: 

  • Identify the specific goals they want to accomplish;

  • Validate if they are making the right decisions;

  • Surround themselves with positive people; or,

  • Achieve balance in the five aspects of life – Self, Academics/Work, Family, Social Life and Sense of Purpose

Whether there are issues or decisions you want to be addressed or you just want to make a difference in your life, The OneCORE has something to offer you. Membership to the organization is free! You just have to fill up The OneCORE Member Information Form and you will instantly be part of a group that will support you in discovering your core, pursuing your passions, balancing the 5 aspects of your life and making better life decisions.

So why still wait for tomorrow? Start on your journey towards living the life you want. Access the form here.